The studio of Brent Neve focuses on designing and making furniture, objects and interiors. The designs that characterize and supply Ikke originate from the purity of the material. The final product is an ideal mix of functionality and playfulness in form. These aspects go hand in hand with austerity. Every time Ikke’s projects are a combination of tight and timeless design with a warm feeling.

Why the name 'Ikke'? The love for Danish design has never been far away. This name first and foremost reflects the search for this interest. 'Ikke' also means 'myself' in West Flanders. The products made by the studio originated from the designer himself - 'myself' - and have to reflect this.

Brent has a great passion for nature. He loves to travel and tries to look for wild, remote places to visit. In many of those places, the knowledge of wood and handicrafts is still alive.


Atelier 'Ikke' started at the end of 2012 with the main goal to gather as much knowledge as possible and to further expand and own a studio without large loans. The next stage is to carry out more and more own designs. The purpose to reflect his way of thinking, short chain marketing and ecological products, that lasts for many years.